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We provide UAV (Drone) services in Saskatchewan

We operate out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada and offer low level aerial photography and videography by means of a radio controlled UAV (Unmaned Aerial Vehicle) Quad or Octocopter with the very latest in camera, camera gimbal, and flight controller technology.

Our DJI S1000 UAV will allow us to fly where no full sized helicopter or airplane could travel due to flight speeds and minimum altitudes. We fly the Panasonic GH4 4K ultra HD camera and the Canon 5D mark3.

We can give you lower level and specific aerial shots based on your needs and wants.

Because these are electrically powered, environmental and noise concerns are at a minimum.

We operate under the strict guildelines set by Transport Canada and operate with a blanket SFOC(Special Flight Operations Certificate) which allows us to operate within days of booking a job. Excluding controlled airspace.

We have a Certified UAV pilot with ROC-A radio license.

We have been operating UAV's for over 3 years without incident.

We are fully insured for 1 million liability


​​We can offer a wide range of services based on your needs including:
Promotional Videos

Real estate photography

Building, tower and roof inspections

Construction site photography

Landscape photography

Panoramic view photography

Farm and crop photography

Golf Course video and photography

Emergency services, search and rescue

Many more examples are listed on the applications page

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Some unseen shots from 2013 with some new shots for 2014 from our Panasonic GH4.

Special Thanks to Rob at TV Truck

Harvest 2014 Central Saskatchewan.

We captured some great harvest shots near my home town Bruno Saskatchewan.

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Future services will include:

360 Degree interactive panoramic stills

360 Degree video
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) for agricultural mapping.
Geo-Referenced Orthomosaic, DEM, DSM and Point Cloud mapping.
Geography information system (GIS)
Environmental Monitoring
Thermal and Infra-Red cameras.