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"Agriculture in the world"used our Aerial photos in ArgiMedia Hard Cover Book

We have some or our photos published in a hard cover book printed by AgriMedia called Agriculture in the World. This 280 page hard cover book is written in German, so we can't understand a word but the photos look cool.

Where is the largest dairy farm in the world? Who is the biggest wheat producer globally? Why India is the most important beef exporter in the world, although there the cows are considered sacred? How much is a hectare of farmland in different countries? What grants the state supports agricultural production? What trends show up in production and global trade of agricultural commodities?

These and other interesting questions for agriculture throughout the world are discussed in this textbook. Agriculture is not only the oldest form of human economic activity, there is nothing more global than agriculture, because it is represented in every country. In Book 24 of the most important agricultural countries in the world are portrayed. Step by step, inter alia, on the economic, climatic and geographic conditions. In addition, the structure of agriculture, infrastructure and the situation in trade and processing is addressed. Moreover, the dominant agricultural products in plant are considered in more detail with the growing season and the main growing areas, production development and trade routes. Finally, the situation is illustrated for animal products in the country. Make an agricultural trip around the world and discover the regions where the raw materials are produced for the life on our planet.

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