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Flying Cameras is what we do!

Providing you big Hollywood film shots out of small town Saskatoon Saskatchewan, we offer low level aerial video and photography services with our radio controlled Drone - RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) with the very latest in camera, camera gimbal, and flight controller technology. 

Our Inspire 2, or 160km/hr FPV Drone will allow us to fly where no full sized helicopter or airplane could travel due to minimum altitudes and flight speeds. 

We fly the Inspire 2 with X5S camera capturing video in 4K ultra HD and still photographs at 21MP with multiple lens options.

We also bring out our backup Inspire 2 to all shoots so hardware issues are not a problem.

Our Inspire 2 is rated to fly in temperatures as low as -20c, so winter operations are not a problem for us!

We can give you specific aerial shots based on your needs and wants. 

Because these are electrically powered, noise and environmental concerns are at a minimum. 

We operate with an Advanced Pilots Certificate obtained from Transport Canada, which allows us to operate within days of booking a job within Canada

Current Services Include

Aerial Video

Aeria Photography

360 Degree Panoramic Stills
FPV (First Person View)

Qualifications and Info

Advanced Pilots Certificate to operate in all airspace, and at night
Certified RPAS pilot with ROC-A radio license

We have been operating RPAS for over 10 years 

We are fully insured for 5 million liability

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