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Drone (RPAS) Applications


Cinema and Promotional Videos

Throughout the history of cinema, filming crews have developed devices and structures to enable them to capture scenes from refreshing perspectives that could lend the desired emotion to the scenes being filmed. Equipped with a broadcast quality HD camera, EpicJib has a place in any movie director's toolbox, as it enables a camera to be placed and operated in places that previously unthinkable of. Wherever an helicopter is too large, too noisy, too intrusive, or too expensive, EpicJib can help.
Simply put, it opens new creative directions for dynamic sequences and surprising perspectives.


Real Estate Promotion and Illustration

In the housing market, being able to motivate potential customers is a critical to increase sales,especially in the upper segment. EpicJib lets you shoot aerial images and footage of houses, villas, farms, golf courses, hotels, Race tracks or any type of property.


Assist in Coordination of Fire-Fighting Operations

In a forest-fire scenario it's often difficult to have an updated and global awareness of various elements involved. Epicjib's RPA can easily be launched from a command-and-control vehicle. In a few minutes, the field teams can start to receive images and footage from the RPA and develop a better up-to-date situational awareness of the operations theatre.

Even in urban building fires, the RPA enables a close-up visual inspection of windows, doors and openings in different floors to assess safety conditions and risk calculation to plan fire-fighting intervention.


Search and Rescue Operations

Search for injured trekkers in a steep cliff, in minutes, without endangering search teams.

Look for victims at night using a thermal camera.

Entering a building under risk of imminent collapse.


Critical Structure Inspection

When looking for signs of ageing and degradation in bridges, highway overpasses or industrial rooftops, visual inspection usually means having expert personnel climb to dangerous places or hiring expensive machinery. With a RPA these activities are easier, less expensive, and with less risk of physical injury. They can be equipped with High Definition or even Infra-red or other specialized camera, and record high-quality geo-referenced imagery for further analysis. Planning Construction Work in Industrial Buildings As business grows, factories and industrial buildings need to expand or add new machinery. Assessing the existing structures, and visually evaluating what scenarios are possible is now easier with EpicJib. With high quality imagery captured from the air, engineers can spend less time in the assessment phase, and make better decisions faster than ever before.


Advanced Inspection of Dangerous Areas

Law enforcement teams and Firefighters are often assigned missions where they must enter unknown and dangerous areas without any additional insight, they often face elevated risks of injury.

A RPA is a tool for advanced video intelligence gathering.Improved situational awareness, and more informed assessment of dangers in a given area, before exposing any team members to potential injury, is certainly a valuable capability to have in the field.


Environmental Disaster Initial Response

"Collect the most data as early as possible"
This is one of the most important factors in responding to a spill of hazardous or industrial waste in streams, rivers or sea. This can include oil spills at pumping sites.
In this type of scenarios, initial response teams can collect geo-tagged aerial photographs as soon as they arrive on-site, providing crucial evidence to understand the source and causes of the disaster.                     


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